Szuno Webshop

Real Pearl Foundation’s social venture webshop was a cooperation with Dekoratio Branding & Design with a beautiful design for a good cause.

  • Project: contract work
  • Webdesign/UI: Dekoratio
  • Tech: Storefront, Woocommerce, polylang, PW Gift Cards, Swift Performance
  • Extras: the first 50 products uploaded by me, product naming convetions, ecommerce education, monthly support

Real Pearl Foundation

My biggest project so far. 80 pages built, 400 pages and 300 posts migrated, complete with webshop, hosted donation solution and online learning platform.

  • Project: contract work
  • Webdesign/UI: David Mezei
  • Tech: Divi, Woocommerce, Give, WP Courseware, Swift Performance
  • Extras: domain consolidation, preserving the SEO value of pre-existing pages, monthly support

SuziartBag webshop

Chic webshop for my friend. Pro webdesign by Zsolt, total support from me.
  • Project: contract work
  • Webdesign/UI: Zsolt Karóczkai
  • Tech: Divi, Woocommerce, Woo Side Cart, TI WooCommerce Wishlist, PW Gift Cards, Swift Performance
  • Extras: 100 products uploaded, monthly support, hosting

Bridge Budapest

Site rebuild based on the original, with new technology. My task was to build a site which they can edit themselves.
  • Project: contract work
  • Webdesign/UI: same as original
  • Tech: Elementor, WPML, Swift Performance
  • Extras: 120 posts migrated in two languages


Agecy work for Dekoratio, a quick site rebuild with new design.

  • Project: sub-contract work for Dekoratio
  • Webdesign/UI: Dekoratio
  • Tech: Elementor
  • Extras: short deadline

Skycruiser Hungary

Dream job for autogyro manufacturer.

  • Project: contract work
  • Webdesign/UI: own, based on Divi Layout Pack
  • Tech: Divi
  • Extras: marketing consultation, copywriting

ComInnex brushup

My tasks were to review the whole site, brushup the design, optimize pages, correct mobile pages, review server settings and set up a user approval system.

  • Project: contract work
  • Webdesign/UI: small changes
  • Tech: Divi, Ultimate Members
  • Extras: thorough task documentation, short deadline

Gallus Hearth Builders

One pager for a hearth builder family with 91 years of history.

  • Project: contract work
  • Webdesign/UI: own, based on Divi Layout Pack
  • Tech: Divi
  • Extras: marketing consultation, monthly support, hosting


Small site for a car mechanic shop.

  • Project: contract work
  • Webdesign/UI: own, based on Divi Layout Pack
  • Tech: Divi
  • Extras: marketing consultation, Facebook Page and Google My Business management, copywriting, monthly support, hosting


Garden building site for a reluctant friend. At the end of the project he was very enthusiastic and happy with the result. My first client for hosting.

  • Project: contract work
  • Webdesign/UI: own, based on Divi Layout Pack
  • Tech: Divi
  • Extras: domain consolidation, marketing consultation, monthly suport, hosting

Eat Clean Diet Hungary

My first real contract work. Much opportunity but at that time I bailed out of webshop building.

  • Project: contract work
  • Webdesign/UI: provided by client
  • Tech: Divi

Positive Pain

What started it all. After years of research, trial and error, I found WordPress and made my own site for my fitness business. It was good enough to attract customers for site building as well.

  • Project: own
  • Webdesign/UI: own, based on Divi Layout Pack
  • Tech: Divi


“Peter was not only doing a job but became one with us. He fitted his proficiency to our work, teaching and explaining everything with geat patience what we could not understand as a user.

“We were enthralled by his time sheets and weekly reports. I also noticed that he spent more time with the tasks than he billed because the goal was more important to him. In the process there emerged unexpected problems and opportunities and he adapted to them with great flexibility. This is the third site of Real Pearl and this is really ours. Modern, reflects our work and makes it trackable. I think a civil organization cannot dream a better work relation than this. Thank you, dear Peter!”

L. Ritók Nóra
Nóra L. Ritók
founder, Real Pearl Foundation
"It was great to work with Peter. He understood us and the task, he respected the deadlines and the promises to full. In many occassions he pointed out a detail that we could not think of and more than not he provided a solution for it. He worked with great transparency and precision, reporting continuously. We always knew what task he works on and what is the status of it. We couldn't be happier with our new site."
Zana Vera
Vera Zana
project manager, Bridge Budapest

“It is hard to write anything because Peter is my friend. But I'll try.

“I didn't want to meddle with the site, I had no time so I just asked that he should make my old site mobile friendly. He on the other hand came with this design page with fruits and vegetables. But I build gardens. First I was taken aback and didn't understand but after a while when he began to explain I realised what he wants and what I want. Peter explained well, had good ideas and tormented me to do this and that. The result of these torments was that I realized that the 'I have no time' didn't work because I made time for it. I started to work on it and I didn't regret it.

“He handled my whims and ideas well. We talked a lot and he made this SzTF button on the home page. He successfully melded my ideas born of ignorance with his knowledge. He also put my smiling face on the page what I didn't want. As I recall the time spent together and the phone calls were happy talks and not work. I don't like obligations but the work with Peter was pure joy.

“He got a free hand because it is the way I like to work on the gardens. It was the best decision to trust him with my site, I don't regret any moment of it.”

szimpatikus tetovált fiatalember
SzTF (Sympathetic Tattooed Young Man)
Owner, Tündérfürt Landscape Gardening